Summer Henry

Summer Henry

Front Office Coordinator


Summer Henry


I am a wife to one awesome guy, a mom to three busy, crazy, adorable kiddos and one English Mastiff (also adorable) I was raised in the Snohomish County area.
My favorite things include: CrossFit, DIY projects: Crafts to home décor I love it all, Cooking up yummy meals (and eating them), I love hanging out with my family & friends and I love to entertain/host gatherings, Black Friday shopping, traveling and road trips, music and impromptu dance parties, movies. I am a coffee fanatic. I Love most sports, Even NASCAR! I am blessed to have a great family with good kids that are turning into pretty great people with great goals and great senses of humor! I enjoy working in environment that helps people become better than they were yesterday because it helps me become better as well!
Interesting fact: I won a brand new Pick Up Truck In las Vegas at a NASCAR event!

I have ran 3 Full Marathons, a handful of Spartan Races, LOTS of Half marathons, 5k’s, 10’ks. Competed in local Crossfit competitions.


  • Everett Community College | Associates degree
  • Ashmead Massage Collage | Massage and Aroma Therapy Diploma

Personal Quote:

“When you think of quitting think about why you started.”  -Summer